Deew Beauty and Wellness

Deew Beauty and Wellness

Deew Beauty and Wellness, an innovative hemp and cannabis-infused beauty and wellness company, is pleased to announce the launch of Highly Nourishing Crèmes. Their CHILL and UPLIFT jars are packed with organic Cannabis Sativa seed oil, murumuru butter, and argan oil perfectly suitable for vegan, all-natural skincare remedies.
Embrace your higher health — Deew Beauty and Wellness’ Highly Nourishing Crèmes elevates your skincare routine to a soulful ritual while supporting a holistic approach to physical health and well-being. Each creme is full of vitamins, minerals and is rich in nourishing essential fatty acids that absorb easily into the skin. All products focus on skin energizing, skin protecting, and anti-aging, while promoting focus and/or sense of calm.
Deew Beauty and Wellness’ Highly Nourishing Crèmes use 100% organic oil from the hemp plant and is made up of 80% essential fatty acid, the highest amount of any other plant. It prevents moisture loss on a physiological level and does not just merely “coat” the skin as do other oils. It contains the ideal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 based on our body’s needs. Cannabis Sativa Oil so closely matches our own skin’s lipids that it’s able to penetrate inside our cells and lubricate the surface between them, allowing the essential fatty acids to enter our body. For this reason, essential fatty acids have been proven to provide a healthy moisture balance and play a preventative role in skin aging.
“With the legalization of Marijuana in Canada and the rise in popularity of hemp-infused products, we have reached an important milestone in the skin and beauty industry, bringing the first Cannabis Sativa infused cremes to market,” says Kelly Turner, CEO of Deew Beauty and Wellness. “Our Highly Nourishing Crèmes are just the first in a rich line of products we intend to develop as regulations evolve. Eventually, we see this brand carrying a wide array of beauty and wellness products and other elevated products containing cannabis extracts that help people take care of their mind and body from a holistic, natural approach.”
Deew Beauty and Wellness’ Highly Nourishing Crèmes are available online for $38.00,



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