Celebrate Dry January with Seedlip

Celebrate Dry January with Seedlip

We all know Dry January is trendy AF but there’s really one way to absolutely celebrate it — that’s with Seedlip’s amazing alcohol free spirits.

Dry January needn’t be “dry” with Seedlip – the brand uses carefully selected natural ingredients to harvest rich flavors and produce sophisticated, delectable, and calorie-, sugar-, and carb-free products. Whether your readers are seeking a balanced lifestyle or practicing teetotalism, the Seedlip Map highlights bars and restaurants that offer an array of non-alcoholic options in each city for exciting nights with friends.

Here are three amazing expressions:

SEEDLIP GROVE 42 – A sophisticated, bright, citrus blend of Mediterranean Orange, Lemon Peel, Lemongrass and Ginger with a dry finish.

SEEDLIP SPICE 94 – A warm, aromatic blend of Allspice & Cardamom with fresh citrus top notes to balance the long bitter finish.

SEEDLIP GARDEN 108 – A fresh, herbal blend of Peas & traditional garden herbs including Rosemary, Thyme & Spearmint. 1 x 23.7 fl oz / 700 ml bottle.

Celebrate Dry January with Seedlip
Celebrate Dry January with Seedlip


Seedlip Garde: 50ml

Ginger Beer: 15ml

Fresh Lime: 10mlSoda: Top

Build over ice

Whether you are looking for a lifestyle change or a break, Seedlip is here to stay.



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