Buying Thyme

Buying Thyme Cocktail

I love a good bourbon cocktail. It’s my go-to when I go out but I do like to mix around with it when I’m staying in.

My recent got to is Dread River Bourbon. It symbolizes the chasm between us and where we wanted to go, the relentless torrent of issues and roadblocks, and the frigid fear of failure. In making this distillery a reality, we realized that overcoming our fears isn’t just something we did; it’s who we are. For us, DREAD is not a paralytic. It’s an inspiration, a challenge just waiting to be accepted.

One of their amazing bartenders Samantha Johnson made this recipe, Buying Thyme.

Buying Thyme

1.5oz Dread River Straight Bourbon

3/4oz Maple syrup

3/4oz Orange juice

0 .5oz Lemon Juice

3 Slices Muddled Peaches

2 Sprigs Thyme

Top with ginger beer (or go without)

Muddle peach & thyme – add all liquid ingredientsShake & strain into rocks glass – ice & garnish w/peach & thyme

Originally I had this without the ginger beer, but it’s amazing with or without it!

Drink up!




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