Tennessee Brew Works State Park Blonde Ale

Tennessee Brew Works State Park Blonde Ale

So I went away to the Jersey Shore to get away. It was really important to me to have the perfect arsenal of libations… I needed this vacay since It was my first vacation in years.

Fitting that I stay near a state park. The fine people over at Tennessee Brew Works sent me over their new State Park Blonde Ale — a nice and light session to kick it back easy. Plus it was smooth. Tennessee Brew Works’ State Park Blonde Ale is light, crisp American blonde session ale with subtle floral notes, created with high-quality grains and hops. Good for IPA lovers.

I enjoyed this brew with my MAURUCAS pizza… DELISH.

A portion of the sales of the State Park Blonde Ale will be provided to the Tennessee State Parks Conservancy, our non-profit partner, and used to support efforts to preserve and protect the state’s natural and cultural assets. CHEERS to that!

The new beer will be distributed throughout Tennessee.



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