Island in the Sun Recipe

Island in the Sun Recipe

So I was super excited to receive this amazing new Pina Colada moonshine from Sugarlands Distilling Company ($25 ). Seriously, who would have thought there was PINA COLADA moonshine at all. So I decided to mix something with it. I chose my weapons wisely and grabbed the Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry,  the bottle of Bruce Cost I got at the Taste of NY  and a martini glass…I was on my way.

Sugarlands Shine and Bruce Cost

Sugarlands Shine and Bruce Cost

Island in the Sun  

1oz  Sugarlands Distilling Company Pina Colada Moonshine

2oz Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry

Top with Bruce Cost Passion Fruit Ginger Ale

Garnish with grapes on a toothpick

I decided to go tropical! I took the moonshine and cranberry juice into a shaker with ice and poured it into the Martini glass. Then topped it with the passion fruit ginger ale. Because I don’t like my drinks naked, I went through the fruit from an Edible Arrangement that I received and found these lovely grapes strung together on a skewer, which I cut to make it fit in the glass. Voila!~ I think the drink came out rather nicely. I liked the pink glow of this drink, which you don’t see in a Cosmo.

The moonshine shine is strong (duh it’s moonshine), so the recipe above actually has less moonshine from when I first made this recipe. This way you will be able to taste more of the cranberry and passion fruit. I may have named this after one of my favorite Weezer songs… WELL, I hope you enjoy this on your island this summer.




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