I love checking out fun and great quality CBD products. I am totally digging BATCH by WHS.

The product is newly rebranded CBD products. It’s the perfect time to reap the benefits of this miraculous compound during these crazy times.

There are many CBD companies entering the market and not all are created equally. So, they want to make sure they establish trust and know what to look for in quality CBD:

  • Lab Tested: since CBD is widely unregulated compared to the dietary supplement industry, it is important to check that products are tested for impurities that may arise during the growing or extracting stage.
  • Full-Spectrum: this means that the product contains all of the goodness of the hemp plant (THC included), and has been proven to be far more effective than just CBD in isolation (CBD isolate products). 
  • Transparency: many CBD companies are secretive about their process or how they source their hemp, it is important to be transparent and source organically and locally.

I love their tincture. It has a pretty good taste where many of these tinctures can be hard to swallow.

More About BATCH

We are a CBD manufacturing company based in Milwaukee, WI. Our team of chemical engineers designed a custom hemp extraction process and oversees all aspects of our production process. Unlike many CBD “brands” we are the ones partnering with local farmers, using only organic ingredients, extracting the hemp, and formulating the finished products. This, paired with an internal testing instrument, gives us unparalleled control over our end product. We do this because we know it matters.



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