Are These Deal Breakers Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals? What Can You Do About Them?

Are These Deal Breakers Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals? What Can You Do About Them?

The year is almost drawing to a close, and it’s time to look back and find out if you achieved the fitness goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. Are you satisfied with your progress? Did you make any progress at all, despite your best efforts? There are common mistakes many people make that hinder their fitness progress. If you’re struggling to see any improvements in your current fitness, you might want to read on and find out if you’re sabotaging yourself with any of these habits. 

  1. Not supporting your workouts with proper diet

Experts agree that the 70-30 rule is central to healthy living. The rule means 70% proper diet and 30% exercise can transform your fitness, weight loss, and general health. That means no matter how often you hit the gym, failing to support your efforts with the proper nutrition will hardly produce any results. 

  1. Not having a weight loss plan

Shedding off extra pounds can be very problematic for many people, but that is usually due to a lack of a weight loss plan. A good plan should include your weight loss target and how long you can realistically achieve that goal. You can work with a dietician and personal trainer to help you create the right plan and decide how best to achieve your goal. If you’re obese and considering going under the knife, it is important to first find out from your doctor if you’re a candidate for weight loss surgery. Even after getting the green light for such an operation, there is always the possibility of medical malpractice worsening your condition. Thankfully, you can also seek the assistance of experienced medical malpractice attorneys if you become a victim of any medical malpractice. 

  1. Not incorporating weights into your workouts

Of course, you’re not trying to look bulky, but relying only on cardio routines will not yield satisfactory results. Besides, when you do too much cardio, your body produces high cortisol levels. This usually instructs your brain to store in various parts of your body, especially around your abdomen, and as a result, interrupts your body’s ability to process sugar. Once your body fails to process sugar properly, you’ll start piling on more weight. So, while cardio is great, you won’t see positive results on your body if you don’t add some weights to your workout routine. 

  1. Overworking your body and not resting enough

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Training consistently is vital, but there is such a thing as overtraining. Your muscles need a couple of days each week away from your workouts to heal, repair damaged tissues, and recover enough for another round of workouts. Not resting enough will minimize your workout performance and make you more prone to suffer muscle injuries. This will stall your fitness progress. Take at least two days off to rest each week to avoid overtraining. Also, ensure that you give your body at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. 



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