What to Drink this July 4th?

This July 4th is going to be explosive with gatherings. For the first time in a while, friends and families will get together to have a great time catching up.

What’s a good July 4th party without a drinkie? Can drinks are usually the go to for these events, so here are my picks on what to drink this July 4th weekend.

Common Cider

Common Cider, who has created two delicious alcoholic beverages that are a great way to enjoy the July 4th weekend. With gathering restrictions being lifted people are beginning to plan their perfect holiday weekend which is never complete without the perfect drink. 

SingleCut Beersmiths NOTES IPA

SingleCut Beersmiths NOTES IPA (7% ABV) is the apex of SingleCut’s love of music and beer. The juice drenched DDH IPA is brewed with hand selected hop buds, added in multiple stages, to give an intense tropical citrus aroma of fresh orange slices, warm sweet mango, tangy white grapes, resinous citrus rind, and a long gentle linger of tangerine.

The uniquely designed can label is a “made to (junior) scale” fretboard of a guitar that enables practicing finger placement for chords right on the can itself. Collector’s packages include custom canisters that fit all four 16-ounce cans ($18 MSRP) and include fully functional guitar picks.


Bravus is not a beer alternative. Bravus looks like beer and, most importantly, tastes like beer because it is REAL beer. Bravus can produce craft beer styles that taste exactly like their alcoholic counterparts but with less than .5% ABV, thanks to a proprietary brewing process. Bravus is 100% vegan, dairy-free, low-cal, low sugar, and gluten-reduced. Bravus is available in a wide variety of delicious styles, including Amber Ale, India Pale Ale (“IPA”), Oatmeal Stout, Blonde, Raspberry Gose, and a Variety 6-Pack. $12.99 and up.  For more information and availability, please visit

Rightside American IPA India Pale Ale

Rightside American IPA is iconic – a moderate hop aroma with a tropical fruit-filled fusion of pineapple, orange, citrus and slight malt. Dive deep into this fresh light golden to orange foamy head brew. After a long day, this ale will refresh you for a night of socializing – bursts of fresh mandarin orange, stone fruit, and an earthy spice flavor will keep you craving “just one more” sip.



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