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Review: Riboli Family Wine Estates Dinner at the Old Homestead

I was fortunate to join the Riboli Family on April 12th at the Old Homestead to learn more about their fourth generation owned winery and taste a selection of their portfolio.

Riboli Family Wine Estate are the proud founders of San Antonio Winery in downtown Los Angeles, CA, a unique place to have a winery in California. Anthony Riboli is the 4th Generation Winemaker at Riboli Family Wine Estates who taught the group about his family’s over 100 years of success in the wine business. Each family member brings a unique talent to the business, which makes it really unique.

We started the night with seafood with the Maddalena Wines, named after Anthony’s grandmother who was a powerhouse to keeping the winery together from finances to the legal. Maddalena Cabernet Sauvignon shows ripe red fruit, including raspberry, plum, and spicy black cherry. Barrel aging contributes notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak spice. The mouth is round with a rich, silky texture that is framed by soft tannins. Truly delicious.

The Chardonnay was next. This wine greets the nose with an array of ripe fruit aromas, including citrus, guava, and orange peel. The round mouth shows depth and body, complemented by forward flavors of tropical fruit. A touch of spicy oak adds complexity. Balanced acidity creates structure and a long, complex finish.

Next up was our steak and salmon main course. To complement this, we had the San Simeon Cabernet Sauvignon. San Simeon Cabernet Sauvignon offers bright aromas of dark raspberry and black cherry. Ripe flavors of spicy plum and currant are complemented by nuances of cocoa and cedar oak from barrel-aging. Structured, tannins provide texture and depth with a lengthy finish. A small percentage of Petit Verdot was added for additional complexity.

I really fell in love with this brand throughout the night. It’s no wonder Wine Enthusiast has named San Antonio Winery “American Winery of the Year.” I plan to drink more of San Antonio Winery’s wines from years to come



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