Whiskey Lover's Cuba Libre

Whiskey Lover’s Cuba Libre

Who hasn’t had a rum and coke in their lifetime? Over time our taste buds change and we’re not exactly drinking from the college dive bar anymore.

I recently discovered Buzzard Point’s Barreled Aged White Rum. They use Panela imported from Colombia and Scotch Whisky yeast. Grassy and tropical with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon.  Naturally, as a whiskey drinker, I could taste the whiskey yeast and started to ask myself if this was rum or whiskey.

I decided to make the classic rum and coke, that borderlines the Jack and coke with this one. I think it’s quite fitting.  Enjoy.

Buzzard Point's Barreled Age White Rum

Buzzard Point’s Barreled Age White Rum

Whiskey Lover’s Cuba Libre

1.0 oz Buzzard Point

3.0 oz Coke

A lime



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