New Survey Gauges Gender Association with Everyday Objects Americans View Food as Gendered
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What Gender is Your Latte? New Survey Gauges Gender Association with Everyday Objects Americans View Food as Gendered

What Gender is Your Latte?
What Gender is Your Latte?
Is wine a “feminine” drink? What about scooters: more masculine or feminine? Binging TV shows? CBD oil? A new survey from Morning Consult sought to determine whether a list of miscellaneous products and activities, from hand sanitizer to posting pictures on social media, were perceived as more masculine or feminine.  In a nationwide survey conducted among 2,200 U.S. adults, respondents were asked to rate 130 products and activities on a scale of 1, “very masculine,” to 10, “very feminine.” The October 15-21 survey has a margin of error of +/- 2 percentage points.

Highlights:Power tools and tampons are products most associated with gender: Of the 130 products and activities featured on the survey, power tools were ranked the most masculine object, with a rating of 3.2. Tampons were found most feminine with a rating of 9.3
Overall, the public ranked most objects closer to gender-neutral, with an average ranking of 5.3

Americans view food and drink as gendered, creating obstacles for brand marketers: Consumers view drinks like piƱa coladas (6.3 rating) and lattes (61.) as feminine, while whiskey (3.4) and beer (3.7) are seen as more masculine. The most “feminine” foods are cupcakes (6.1) and yogurt (6.0), while meatloaf (4.5) and steak (4.2) are “masculine.”

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