Valentine’s Gift Giving Strategies To Use Based On Your Relationship Status
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Valentine’s Gift Giving Strategies To Use Based On Your Relationship Status

Valentine’s day is this week and many love birds will be exchanging all types of gifts to show their affection. But believe it or not, there are millions of people who consider themselves “connected” to someone, but they are not so sure about the exact type of gift they should give based on their current relationship status.

Roberto Milk, CEO and Co-Founder of Novica, shares that “Both men and women alike struggle with this, especially for Valentine’s Day.  If you give something too small it could cause an argument, and, if you give something to valuable it could put pressure on the relationship to go further.”

But the good news is, there are now some key tips and insights you can use, if you want to give something in a smart and planful way.

So, here’s how.

First, you need to identify the status or category of your relationship, using the following definitions…


Now that you know what category your relationship falls under, you can now follow these gift giving tips and strategies to help guide your shopping decisions this season:

NOT SO SURE – Keep the gift simple yet thoughtful. You don’t want to invest a lot of money in a gift for a person whom you’re either just getting to know or whom you’ve known for a little while now but it’s still too early to tell what direction the relationship is going in. As such, I recommend that you give simple things like a card, or some lighthearted Valentines related candy items like the holiday M&M’s or the sweet heart candies with sayings on them. You could also send them a simple text message with a few emojis just to wish them well on that day.  This way it shows you are thinking about them but without any serious implications that a real relationship is in place. 

JUST FRIENDS – If this is truly an established friendship and it’s a friendship that you really care about, then you want to keep your gift ideas simple but go a little further by making it a little more personal. Give them something that’s personal that you know they like but that doesn’t scream I’m in love with you.  For example, you can get them a housewarming gift representing something you know they could use in their home, or an entertainment gift like some tics to the latest movie, or some smart phone accessories like chargers, phone covers or selfie sticks etc.

MADLY IN LOVE – If you are madly in love here is where you need to really go all out. Invest the time to find something really unique and personal. Just don’t run to the traditional box stores to grab a last minute item. You need to find something that is one of a kind that no one else has that you know will blow their mind. Consider handcrafted earrings or necklaces, or even a unique ring made from around the world. You can even consider some unique handbags, leather bracelets or clothing items for men. Nothing says I love you better than something specially designed and shipped to you from around the world. Also, be sure to pair your one of a kind gift with those heartfelt traditional items like sending flowers, a box of chocolates, a card, dinner and a night out on the town.

ON THE BRINKS – If you are still in a relationship but both of you know that things are not going well, then keep it simple. Since you are still in the relationship take the time to at least buy a card to express your appreciation for the person. Maybe even get the box of candy and flowers if you are trying to make up with the individual or rekindle the flame.  Now if you are fully on the brinks and the relationship has ended, then it’s probably wise to not get them anything at all. Parting ways means it’s time to move on to the next chapter of your life.

By following these simple, yet impactful tips, you can not only ensure that you have a more peaceful Valentine’s Day, but also ensure that you maintain your connection with the person, at whatever status level works, well after Valentine’s Day has come and gone.



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