Unwash Hair Products

Unwash Hair Products

Women are going longer between shampoos for fear of losing color and damaging hair. As the attitudes and need for conventional haircare have changed – so to combat this Unwash was created! a new movement in haircare. Unwash challenges conventional wisdom and the harsh cycle of traditional shampoo, condition, repeat.

Overnight Hair Masque

Use as needed for an overnight fairytale transformation that reveals gorgeous, glossy hair. $29

Volumizing Dry Cleanser Foam

Pack a one-two punch with this dry cleanser, formulated specifically to give fine hair extra volume. Inspired by their classic dry cleanser, this version is made specifically for extra-fine hair that is prone to going limp. If you struggle to get any volume in your hair, search no more. It helps refresh hair, absorbs oil, and adds volume. $25

Color Intensifying Gloss Treatment

This is the next best thing to Unwash-ing your hair. Use on the roots to ensure you get the most from this product. Helps extend the life of your hair color in between visits to the salon. Adds a gloss to your hair with nourishing ingredients, leaving your hair looking bright, shiny and touchable. $27



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