Can't Drink it Nor Wear it


THINKNOO, which is a line of natural supplements designed to help the body process coffee better, for sustained focus throughout the day, and better sleep at night.

64% of Americans drink coffee and even more surprising 25% report being addicted – I admit, I’m one of those people! And this can have a serious impact on our sleep as coffee takes between 20-24 hours to clear our system. This interruption in our sleep can have serious health consequences like stress and anxiety. To combat this, THINKNOO has developed a completely new paradigm in coffee consumption.

THINKNOO was inspired by nootropics (a science that studies how nutrients can assist cognitive function) and was developed by entrepreneur Shanonn O’Brien and scientist Steve Austin, based on years of research and consultation from Queensland University of Technology in Australia. It’s is comprised of two natural supplements – one for morning and one for evening – using carefully chosen plant-derived nutrients to maximize the positives of coffee (energy, alertness, mental clarity and focus) and minimize the negatives (jitters, crash, sleep issues). 

  • NOOstart is taken with morning coffee to regulate mental energy throughout the day, reducing morning peak jitters and afternoon slump
  • NOOreset is taken in the evening to prepare the body for sleep by helping process caffeine faster and also replenishing the key nutrients lost throughout the day



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