Can't Drink it Nor Wear it

The U.S. States with the Most Christmas Spirit

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With Christmas day rapidly approaching, holiday spirit is at an all time high for people nationwide. 

To find out which states rank highest in holiday cheer, the team at GetCenturyLink analyzed six festive metrics for the fourth year in a row and found that New Hampshire ranks #1 for most Christmas spirit in the country. 

Interesting Findings

  • Utah, which ranked first in 2020, moved down to seventh place this year.
  • Although DC has had the least Christmas spirit for the past two years, Washingtonians still tweet about Christmas the most.
  • Hawaii watches a lot of Christmas movies. Perhaps residents of the state like the idea of snow although they don’t get to see it—the state averages 79-83°F during the winter months.
  • For the third year in a row, Vermont has the highest number of Christmas tree farms

Find out how the rest of the nation compares in the full report



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