The Dublin Liberties Distillery

The Dublin Liberties Whiskey Collection has arrived in the US —primed for enjoyment, of something different and delicious with a unique story and backbone.

The collection is an award-winning, luxury range that celebrates aged Irish single malt, offering rare, aged liquid with unique cask finishes. It features small batch, higher quality ingredients, which result in a sensorial range, brimming with sophistication and substance. Not only is single malt the oldest, most traditional way of making whiskey in Ireland — although mash bills over the years have become more widespread — it epitomizes Irish Whiskey, because after all, it was the Irish who taught the rest of the world how to make great whiskies. 

Made up of 4 expressions created by the infamous Irish Single Malt master Darryl McNally, the collection includes one blended whiskey called the 5-yr old Oak Devil, while the rest, the 10 year-old Copper Alley, the 13 year-old Murder Lane and the 16 year-old Keeper’s Coin focus on the distinctiveness of Irish single malts. 

Build on the backbone of great Irish single malt whiskey, the range takes its inspiration from Dublin’s rich history, mystery, mayhem, magic and creativity starting with the medieval period – when The Liberties neighborhood, where the distillery sits today, went by the name of the “Four Corners of Hell.” The Brand name not only establishes a clear connection to the city giving the product collection a strong sense of place but also allows the makers to be experimental and creative with the liquid they bottle.  The names of each expression thread the portfolio together, giving the brand something unique in Irish whiskey.  

The Dublin Liberties Irish Whiskey Oak Devil is a devilish blend of malt & grain whiskey is liquid gold. Full of aromas of baked apples, fresh hay & warm brown sugar, it gives way to flavours of toffee apples, cider & caramel before a finish full of gentle nutmeg, cinnamon spice & lingering sweetness, imparted by years in american oak. It is best enjoyed over ice, or in a spirit-forward cocktail to showcase its fiendish character.

The Dublin Liberties Whiskey Copper Alley 10 Years Single Malt Irish Whiskey is a 10-year-old single malt is abounding with sweet aromas of delicate honey & powdered sugar with floral notes of apple blossom & red fruits. The whiskey has been finished in 30 year old sherry casks – these huge european oak casks imbue deep fruit notes of baked plums, ripe red grapes & give the liquid its deep amber hue. The flavour is rounded out by gorgeous notes of oak & golden syrup before a long lingering finish of rich, dark chocolate. Try this straight up, with just a drop of water to release its aromas.



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