Switchback Roasted Red Ale

Roasted Red Ale was the second beer ever released by Switchback and quickly became a cult favorite. This deep mahogany-red colored ale leads with a rich caramel maltiness balanced with a bold hop signature, followed by a delicate cocoa roasted finish. The bold citrus and flowery aromas of Amarillo hops are balanced by dark caramel malts, providing an intense malt profile, with a touch of roast malt to cleanse the palate of any sweetness. To create hop complexity, Simcoe hops are added for kettle additions and dry-hopping. The newly designed label is an expression of Vermont’s fifth season – mud season, featuring a red barn board pattern accented by icy metallic lettering. This is the time of year to embrace the extra sunlight and enjoy robust beer outside! 

Find Roasted Red Ale 16oz can 4-packs in limited quantities at the brewery and at select stores throughout Switchback’s distribution footprint. 



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