Skin and Senses Xiuyan Jade Stone Roller

Skin and Senses Xiuyan Jade Stone Roller

Ever since I read about the Jade Stone Roller in, I’ve been as curious AF. First off, I love JADE. It’s pretty. Second off, does this little roller actually help improve your skin?

I was BEYOND excited to receive a Xiuyan Jade Stone Roller from Skin and Senses.  This hand-held device boosts collagen production, improves the benefits of serums and flushes out toxins for a smoother-looking complexion. When passed over acupressure points, it stimulates collagen production, increasing firmness and reducing small wrinkles and expression lines.

Key Benefits of this beautiful, yet powerful tool is that it smooths fine lines, enhances the benefits of serums, flushes toxins via lymphatic drainage, stimulates collagen production and boosts elastic, improves blood circulation and skin tone, reduces puffiness, wrinkles, and dark under-eye circles, and can be refrigerated to extend the coolness.

I enjoy the ritual of rolling my jade roller on my face every morning. I like the nice glow my skin seems to have these days.

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