Colgate Total NYC Event
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Colgate Total NYC Event

Right before the Super Bowl, on January 3rd, the renowned toothpaste Colgate, had the biggest launch for their company to date. Hundreds of people came out to TOTALLY experience the new toothpaste in the form of a visual and unforgettable popup experience.


The event held at Center 415 allowed party-goers to see and experience the new Colgate Total through a hands-on visual and scents provided by their R&D team. In addition, the team played clips of their new Superbowl ad for the crowd. After seeing leading to into the main area with tons of cocktails and appetizers. This was all a big build-up to the pop singer JoJo’s 3 set performance.


At the end of the night, we left with goodie bags with toothpaste, teeth whitening and an electric toothbrush. This was totally the freshest event of the week. 



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