¡Órale! A Mexican-Style Cerveza from Shiner Beers!

The independent, family-owned makers of the iconic Shiner Bock, have just released ¡Órale!, the brand’s introduction into the Mexican-Style Lager category.  ¡Órale! is an authentic Mexican term that serves as an enthusiastic rallying cry or “heck yes!” This beer is a representation of that spirited exclamation as it is a passion project for Gambrinus Company CEO Carlos Alvarez. Alvarez grew up in Mexico and has a history of working with iconic brands in the Mexican-Cerveza category such as Corona.

The summer season is almost upon us and this sip is the perfect pick for your summer activities such as poolside lounging, backyard BBQs, baseball games and more. Crafted with premium 2-row malt and Lager yeast and brewed with agave, this beer features an earthy, mildly sweet flavor and can be paired with seasonal favorites such as tacos, hamburgers and hot dogs, BBQ, cheese plates and more. 

¡Órale! (4.5% ABV) will be rolling out nationally in May and will come in 6-bottle/can (SRP: $8.99) or 12-bottle/can packs (SRP: $14.99)



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