Omission Brewing Company Ultimate Light

Omission Brewing Company Ultimate Light

I’m not gluten-free but I know the pain of trying to help someone find a gluten-free beer since it’s like finding a unicorn. I recently got my hands on Omission Brewing Company‘s Ultimate Light, which I found delish! It really fit my low cal diet with only 5 carbs and 99 calories. This smooth and easy-drinking golden ale is full of flavor. Citrusy hops and a clean finish at just 99 calories and 5 carbohydrates give active lifestyle drinkers the perfect choice to turn to when reaching for a beer, whether post-workout, at home or out on the town.

Since 2012, Omission Brewing Co. has been committed to brewing delicious beers that are crafted to remove gluten and allow those with gluten sensitivities to enjoy their favorite beer styles without sacrificing great flavor. Omission uses a scientific method from a third party to test the gluten levels of every batch of beer brewed and makes those test results available for consumers to review on its website. Consumers are encouraged to learn more about Omission’s testing methods to better understand if Omission beers are an option for them.



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