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Ocean Downs Casino – Love On Tap!

So after a day of hanging out at breweries, we naturally went to Ocean Downs Casino. Not for what you think. Our new friends and I went to the casino for a Beer Panel.

Before that we had a few brews and then we were off!

I got to the panel and started talking to the brewerers, specifically the Burley Oak team. There I found my new go-to after speaking to them, Hi-Deas, a double ipa. Amazing. I decided to make this my drink during the panel to have — I never have a drink when I speak so this was cool.

I was so excited to speak on the panel, but also nervous AF. Speaking in public isn’t my favorite but I always push myself to go beyond my comfort zone. I spoke alongside brewers from Burley Oaks, Backshore Brewing Co and 3rd Wave. I even sat next to the mayor of Ocean City.

The panel was moderated by Richard Fawal of Eventually, he asked me about the trends I saw on this blog. Basically I said that anyone with a major name was at the top of the search results. I said more I’m sure.

Seacrets at night
Seacrets at night

It was a wicked cool experience and afterward we went to Seacrets for the pre-party. We got some awesome shirts and tried amazing distilled drinks.

Seacrets Bar
Seacrets Bar

When Justin and I got home, we enjoyed our bath/jacuzzi. It was well deserved after a long day.

Our drinks at Seacrets
Our drinks at Seacrets



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