The Bioré Brightening collection

New Bioré Brightening Collection

The new Bioré Skincare Brightening collection, which just launched on You can finally find a skincare solution that targets pores to reveal fresh and radiant-looking skin. The Brightening collection banishes skin-dulling pore buildup to reveal fresh, bright, breathable skin in just one week.

The Bioré Brightening collection of products work differently to improve tone and texture. The key to banishing dull skin is the brand’s proprietary Japanese technology, TRIS (Tromethamine). TRIS works differently by seeking out protein laden impactions, dissolving and breaking them down to be easily removed after rinsing with water. 

The Bioré Brightening collection includes:

  • Brightening Jelly Cleanser ($6.49) A next-level formula that goes beyond typical cleansing action and cleans away stubborn, impacted pore clogging dirt. After application, massaging into skin for a full 60 seconds to ensure maximum pore plug dissolving action, followed by a full 30 seconds of rinsing. 
  • Brightening Exfoliator ($6.49) Ocean-friendly (contains zero microplastics) and works to revitalize dull, uneven skin. Boasts Alumina, a natural mineral exfoliant that refines the micro-texture of the skin in just one use 
  • Brightening Clay Mask ($6.49) Lifts dead skin cells and surface debris while brightening, creating a smoother, more radiant complexion. Boosted by TRIS, the formula is also infused with Vitamin C-spiked fruit enzymes like Yuzu Lemon and Papaya. Think AHAs to remove complexion-dulling buildup, and Kaolin clay, a champ at refining and smoothing skin’s micro-texture. Post-masking, skin feels and looks bright, fresh, and breathable.
  • Brightening Pore Strips ($6.49) A Walmart exclusive launching soon, these strips go the extra mile to instantly unclog pores and remove blackheads to improve tone and texture, revealing brighter skin instantly with a refreshing citrus scent.



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