New 2019 and Valentine's Day Love Rules
Can't Drink it Nor Wear it

New 2019 and Valentine’s Day Love Rules

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by Author April Kirkwood, M.Ed., LPC,

1.  Nice guys are now HOT!

Women are getting smarter, rescuing themselves from making bad choices in love. They have the idea that ‘bad boy’s make ‘bad relationships.’  Females are no longer swept away by playboys that keep them dangling on a string.  It is no longer enticing to continually be left wondering if your guy is sincere, honest, and committed. Players now rank second to men who honor and respect women.

Nice guys, it’s up to you. You are center stage in the arena of romance. Continue to love your mom and hang with your sister. Open doors for others, ask a girl out on Wednesday for Saturday night. Don’t grope, don’t expect sex right away, and be your funny, quirky self. We love you. It’s your time to show everyone what some knew-all-along-etiquette is a winning character trait. 

Gentlemen, you are the true rock stars of love.

2.  Finding LOVE no longer has expiration date!

History has told us that falling in love is reserved for the young with  endless messages echoed in movies, songs, and poetry for decades.  Eventually we came to believe that love had a limited window of opportunity. The result is that we resigned ourselves to passively sit on the sidelines watching the youth of our society enjoy the dance of passion.

However, those days are long gone and we are now actively following heart’s longing and often finding more than our dreams could have ever imagined. There are so many ways society is helping all of us get our love on! There are dating apps for all ages, vitamins for vitality, and beauty treatments to help us feel confident about ourselves.

To everyone any age, anywhere, Love is eternal, universal, and has no limitations. It can happen any time, anywhere. The bouncer at the dance club of romance lets everyone in.  The only one who can prevent the cupid’s arrow from finding a way to your heart is you.  

3. Valentine’s Day Is As Important to Your Health as A Yearly Check Up!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about selling flowers and cards. 

The love of another gives us a sense of Significance. Your lover, your boss, your friends need you and that knowledge inspires you to bring your best to each day. It’s the natural shot of coffee that others bring to the table of your life. Significance occurs when you are delicately driving safely because your newborn baby is in the carseat in the back and your spouse is waiting at home with supper. Significance urges us to think outside of our doubts, bolstering self-esteem by giving a sense that our lives account for something puts a smile on our face.  When you feel important in the lives of others, it is wonderful.

Love gives us Security. It is like the warm blanket that covers you even during the darkest storms of life. No matter how bad a day we have, knowing there is someone waiting at home that will cuddle and listen to us take the edge off ‘our terrible, no good day’.  Knowing that there is a ‘someone’ gives us the courage to try again tomorrow.  Two are stronger then one and holding hands through it can lighten the load.

Self-Worth is a benefit of having the love and respect of a significant other.  Their belief in your abilities propels you to go after your dreams.  It’s like having a personal coach supporting your growth, independence, and accomplishments. When someone somehow sees more good in you than you do in yourself, it’s better than a B12 shot. It nurtures self-reliance, inner strength, and perseverance. Words are powerful. If just one person you admire encourages and supports your dreams, it’s as though a magical spell is cast. Everyone needs a cheerleader and the thought that your beloved is on your team makes you feel invincible. Love lengthens your life. Yes, love puts a pep in your step and a grin on your face.



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