Moitié 10-Day DIY Lash Extension Kit

Moitié Cosmetics Launches 10-Day DIY Lash Extension Kit

Moitié Cosmetics has launched a 10-day DIY Lash Extension Kit designed to forever change the way women apply lashes. Our 5-minute home lash application kit means no more long salon visits, costly applications or damaged lashes. 

Moitié Cosmetics Lash Extension Kit
Moitié Cosmetics Launches 10-Day DIY Lash Extension Kit

As a true test we have taken our kits to our Los Angeles Pop Shop at The Grove where we have seen firsthand what beautiful lashes can do to brighten our customers’ faces & enlighten their day.

Moitié Lash Extension Kits include everything needed for first-time application:

3 sets of patent-pending 10-day lashes, lash glue, gentle remover, professional lash tweezers, aloe-enriched under eye patches and instructions on how to apply and remove your extensions. 

About Moitié Lashes:

  • Easy to apply in 5 minutes and last up to 10 days
  • Waterproof & sleep-proof
  • Patent-pending lash segment design allows for customized application
  • Applied to the top of your natural lashes, blending seamlessly for a natural look
  • Gentle lash remover prevents lash loss

I love how they looked on!! I got so many complements.



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