Mineral-Rich Multiforce Powdered Supplement

Mineral-Rich Multiforce Powdered Supplement

Multiforce, a globally-popular multi-mineral powdered supplement newly available in America that’s already helped millions around the world not only to treat but in many cases to prevent the development of excess acidity resulting from extreme workouts or poor diet. Featuring a breakthrough blend of 100% natural, gluten-free, vegetarian and clinically-proven essential natural minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Calcium, Multiforce helps your body re-calibrate its pH balance between acid and alkaline so you can feel your best in the fastest and most comprehensive manner possible.

The Growing Need To Cut Excess Acidity Down To Size

With more Americans than ever before embracing extreme sports and demanding workouts, and with the majority of us still favoring processed foods over nutritious fruits and vegetables, we’ve achieved perfect storm-level conditions for making excess acidity one of today’s most problematic health concerns. And when it comes to diet, it’s not just the obvious foods we need to be wary of: even seemingly healthier food staples as dairy products, animal protein and even low-sugar cereals are responsible for generating acid-forming chemicals in our body that over time can lead to muscle fatigue, slow down muscle recovery and cause many of the troubling health issues mentioned above.   

Specifically formulated to treat the causes of various health issues associated with excess acidity and not just their symptoms, Multiforce makes use of the citrate form of minerals which are able to neutralize three acid molecules and are much more easily absorbed by the body. This is what makes Multiforce so effective. In addition, unlike traditional treatments for excess acidity on the market, Multiforce works systemically from head to toe as opposed to just zoning in on one select part of the body. What’s more, Multiforce doesn’t rely on digestion to be absorbed – thus ensuring consumers won’t face the stomach discomfort or nausea often associated with mineral supplements.

A natural alkaline powder that’s safe, proven and incredibly easy to use (just mix a teaspoon of powder with water), Multiforce is ideal for virtually anyone anxious to tackle the acid-based causes of muscle fatigue, gout, uric acid, joint pain, chronic fatigue and osteoarthritis.

Multiforce is offered in three flavors: Natural Lemon Flavor; Natural Mango Flavor; and Naturally Unflavored. All three are sold on site for $29.99 (a free two-week supply is also available at, other online sites and in a growing range of retail stores in Florida (with other states to follow soon).                                                                                                               

Body acids are neutralized through various buffering systems in the body, but for these systems to properly maintain the perfect pH balance, sufficient alkaline mineral compounds are required – the very same minerals (including Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium) typically found in fruits and vegetables.

In order to maintain this ideal balance, nutritionists suggest we eat seven to ten servings of fruits and vegetables as well as drink two liters of water daily. Since that represents a tall order for almost all of us, the solution is simple: let Multiforce’s alkalizing blend of multi-minerals supplement your body’s nutrients, replenish these life-balancing minerals and, over time, reduce the symptoms caused by over-acidity completely.



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