Introducing Winelikes, the social media app for wine lovers

There are a slew of wine apps out there, but how many do you actually enjoy spending time on? Most are designed to push you to buy things, or to direct you to paid content instead of the people you really want to hear from — your friends and industry professionals with something interesting to say. 

Winelikes is the first app in a long time you’ll want to use yourself and recommend to your friends. It’s a free social media app designed exclusively for wine lovers that connects everyone — from the complete novice to the sommelier — for fun, discovery, education and experiences. After a two-month beta testing trial, Winelikes is now available worldwide for all iPhone and Android users. 

There are several things that make Winelikes different from every other app out there: 

  • Winelikes is all wine all the time. That means there is less clutter and fewer irrelevant posts to wade through. 
  • Winelikes doesn’t use algorithms or AI to push sponsored posts at people. When an individual logs into the app, they actually see their friends’ content, not something a computer thinks they’ll like.
  • One of the app’s goals is to help people who are new to wine learn about it in a fun and non-threatening environment. New users take a palate quiz so they can begin developing their preferences. There are numerous other quizzes designed to aid people in learning about different aspects of wine — and take some of the intimidation and tedium out of solo study. 
  • Some social media apps are designed to get users hooked on a screen. Winelikes focuses on connecting people for real-life experiences. People can use the app to learn about wine destinations they’d like to visit and arrange meetups with folks at local restaurants, bars, wineries and other destinations. 
  • Since wine and food so often go together, there is a feature designed to help people determine what foods and wines might pair well, as well as a place to save food/beverage combinations they enjoyed. 

As you know, there’s been a lot written lately about the challenges with getting younger consumers interested in wine. Jeff Gillis, the app’s founder, is confident that Winelikes’ focus on creating a fun, non-judgmental environment where everyone can learn, explore, discover, meet new people and connect for real-life experiences is one step in attracting Millennial and Gen Z drinkers. 

Download Winelikes in the Apple App Store or Android Play Store and check it out for yourself.



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