IL Moscato

IL Moscato

I love dry wine but every once and awhile I love indulging in a sweet wine. IL Moscato is beautiful straw yellow, gold and bright in color. Notes are overflowing with stone fruit aromas such as peach and apricot, with slight floral overtones.

IL Moscato
IL Moscato

On the palate, the Moscato demonstrates bright juicy fruit with a refreshing zing from the delicate bubbles. Ideal with fruit, pastries and tarts. This wine is a celebration of Moscato with its signature aromas. Just a whiff of this beautiful wine in a round glass offers a glimpse into Italy and all Mionetto has to offer. The perfect wine for celebrating this spring.

Pro tip: use a half an ounce of Chambord. Trust me, you won’t regret it.




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