Dry January

How’s it Really Going – A Dry January Update

Every year, I think – I should do Dry January. I’ve been doing in the past 3 years. Last year – I didn’t last that long after.

So this year I decided to go hardcore since 2020 was a year of the home shaken cocktail. I’ve supplemented it with anti inflammatory diet halfway through the month — so no processed foods, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, etc. I’ll explain more in an upcoming post but it makes it easier.

I’m currently at day 24 and I’m not missing drinking. Initially, it stunk when I hung out with family and I couldn’t have a glass of wine. There were very few instances where this happened but I had great substitutes like H2❤, Paulaner Weizen Radler and VINADA Premium Spanish ZERO Alcohol Wine to help me feel less lame. But really, it’s the ritual of making a fun, fancy drink for yourself that I miss and these zero alcohol options help that.

Dropping the alcohol has done wonders for my skin since I now drink more water. I’ve slimmed down a little too and plus I’m sleeping much better.

So how long am I planning to do Dry January? I’m aiming to end this by the second week of February. Wish me luck!



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