Have a Quick Meal with Meat District Flavorful Wings

So now that I’m going back to the office, I’m finding that I can’t make as many intricate meals that I would like to. When I get back from the heart of the city, I just want a quick meal, watch a TV show and go to bed. Speed is key here!\

I recently discovered Meat District. Super tender & bursting with flavor, Meat Districts all white meat chicken wings are party starters. They’re meaty, they’re juicy, they’re fantastic finger food for any feasting occasion. Available in 4 delicious flavors: Sweet & Sassy, Lemon Herb, Beer Brined, and Zesty Ranch you won’t want to miss out on throwing these on the grill. Their burgers come in 10 different varieties including sliders, brisket beef, bison, and any other selection you could dream of to make your tailgate better than your neighbor.

I decided to make the Zesty Ranch wings but I wanted to try it in the air fryer AND oven. So first, I put the oven on 350 degrees and added half the wings in a frying pan. Make sure they’re all flat in. Then leave it in the oven for 25 minutes.

For the air fryer, I just put them in the air dryer for 8 minutes, turning the wings after 4 minutes.

Both were equally as good. The air fryer created a crunchier, while the oven wings were juicy.

Get yours in your local grocery store or at Meat District’s website.



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