Halo Smile Box


Ever since I had a lot of dental work a few months ago, I’ve been taking my teeth quite seriously. On top of brushing like a fiend, I’ve been playing with whiteners to give that extra sparkly smile!

Halo Smile


HaloSmile contains the calcium-based mineral, hydroxyapatite, which occurs naturally in the body.  Your teeth enamel is made of up to 95% hydroxyapatite which means HaloSmile is mimicking your body’s natural chemistry—working with you, not against you. HaloSmile is a unique formulation that creates a light and tasteless layer over the surface of your teeth—covering stains rather than removing them.

Unlike peroxide based products, It does not change the natural state of your teeth, and is free of bleach and harsh chemicals that can penetrate, harm, cause pain, and interfere with your body’s natural processes.

First you mix up the formula, put the teeth guard in and paint your teeth with a disposable brush. Leave it in for 10 minutes. Rinse and voila! Your teeth are gorgeously white!



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