Get Gorgeous Skin from Vivant Skin Care

Get Gorgeous Skin from Vivant Skin Care

I recently have been using an incredibly personal skincare routine from Vivant Skin Care. I opened this beautiful box to find curated products to help me deal with my dry acne prone skin.

Unless you have dedicated yourself to using only water and pastes made from hand-forged herbs to care for your skin, you’ve likely used a product that contains ingredients originally developed by James E. Fulton, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Fulton is the scientist who co-developed Retin-A®, the acne and anti-aging treatment that revolutionized skin care. He is known for creating the gold standards of skincare used in every dermatologist office: the stabilized version of benzoyl peroxide, the topical antibiotic erythromycin, and vitamin A propionate, a less irritating alternative to Retin-A® that is widely recognized as the most effective
retinoid available without a prescription.

Inspired by Dr. Fulton’s work, researcher and formulator Sara Fulton envisioned a line of profoundly transformative skin care products. Together, they successfully treated more than 100,000 patients with these products in their 12 dermatology offices over
the course of four decades.

In 1990, Sara Fulton launched Vivant Skin Care with the mission to provide life-changing solutions for problem skin. It has since become a premier brand fordermatologists, aestheticians, and med spas worldwide

Their products target three common skin issues—acne, aging, and hyperpigmentation—with one high-performance, multi-tasking scrub. The award-winning formula combines antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and naturally brightening mandelic acid with polyphenol-rich green tea extract and nourishing grape seed oil to cleanse, repair, and protect with unparalleled results. Bio-degradable, luxfoliating microbeads are a bonus.

My beauty routine

My beauty routine

Initially, I had a representative ask about my skin and days later I received my personalized skincare regiment.  My box included note about how to use my products, serum, SPF, moisturizer and a wash.

I recommend Vivant Skin Care and it left my skin gorgeous. Get yours here.



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