Fitness Legend Tony Horton’s Must-Have Protein Powder

I’m working with fitness legend + celeb trainer Tony Horton who founded the P90X program, the most successful fitness program in America. He created a line of nutritional supplements, called Power Life, to provide a nutritional roadmap for consumers to feel their best at any age. 

Power Life was created as a result of Tony working with specialists to understand how to manage symptoms of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a rare form of shingles he contracted. 

Made with scientifically-backed ingredients for optimal efficacy, Power Life products embody the highest standard of quality in nutrition and all products provide targeted solutions to optimize your health and fitness and are 3rd Party Lab-Tested for safety and efficacy. 

Power Life offers both whey and plant protein powders for various dietary preferences and lifestyles. 

Power Life’s affiliate program operates within the SkimLinks tracking platform.

Both Tony Horton’s High Impact Whey Protein and High Impact Plant Protein consist of a unique blends of powerful whey or plant proteins to nourish muscles and support the preservation of lean muscle. 



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