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Fishers Island Lemonade Taking Over Governor’s Island – August 16, 2022

I was super excited to go to Governor’s Island… well, in the name of hard lemonade! I joined Fishers Island Lemonade for a summertime happy hour on August 16th in advance of National Lemonade day.

For National Lemonade Day, we celebrate Fishers Island Lemonade was founded by Bronya Shillo eight years ago, FIL is a testament to harnessing that very spirit to build something big. To get there, I had to ride the ferry.

I tasted through the Fishers Island Lemonade portfolio and enjoy the best sunset in all of New York along side some great mexican food from Taco Vista.

Yes, that’s a quesadilla! Then I chatted my way through the night with some friends and slurped a FIL slushy…

You gotta admit… that view is beautiful!




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