exo body Moisturizing Body Lotion

exo body Moisturizing Body Lotion

I’ve been looking for something that can supercharge my skin for overall radiance, eXO Skin Simple has the perfect duet and they are full of skin-changing exosomes. Hailing from our own biology, exosomes are the tiny messengers naturally found within our body (and skin) keeping cells in synch.

eXO Skin Simple harnesses this naturally occurring process to identify the ‘happiest’ exosomes and optimize their communication with each cell. eXO’s Zen3 exosome technology includes exosomes that sync cells to lock in hydration and radiance while facilitating self-repair to reduce the outward appearance of aging.

A breakthrough body lotion that radically quenches and soothes dry, dull skin. Intelligent Zen3 technology rejuvenates skin from the cellular level up, while Next-gen natural ingredients visibly firm, nourish and clarify. Slather it on from the collarbone on down, from tips to toes for clean, healthy skin.

Basically, they’ve pioneered the method for duplicating the exosomes that promote the radical perfection of skin. And all it takes is one product for face and one for the body.

Perfect for all skin types! $78.00 at



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