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COYA x ZUMA New York ‘RITUAL’ Night – November 18

On November 18th, I was invited to exclusive event will include COYA’s world-renowned, multidimensional musical experience ‘Ritual’, a curated menu boasting COYA’s signature Peruvian cuisine, cocktails, and melodic entertainment by COYA’s Global Musical Director.

COYA is an award-winning luxury lifestyle brand, known for delivering an unforgettable Latin American experience across the globe. Given the brand’s established presence abroad, COYA is eager to expand it footprint within the US market – sparking the collaborative pop-up between two internationally acclaimed brands COYA x Zuma. Inspired by Peru’s rich culture and flavorful eats, guests will not only enjoy COYA’s extraordinarily unique food, beverage offerings, but the brand’s renowned multidimensional musical experience ‘RITUAL’. Both brands worked collaboratively to create and deliver this one-of-a-kind gem box space that spans the second floor of Zuma’s 261 Madison Avenue location. Beginning Tuesday, November 9 through Sunday, November 21, Manhattan’s finest will be transported to the vibrant tribal festivals of Peru while enjoying COYA’s signature food and drink.

My guest and I had deeply delicious ceviche. Our chef Sanjay Dwivedi for the evening explained to us to have the Lubina Classico ceviche first with sea bass and sweet potato and then work our way to the Atún Chifa ceviche with tuna and soy. We had croquettes and salmon tacos made with two different types of salmon.

We had some exquisite drinks like the Aji Margarita infused with avocado and jalapeño and my favorite, the Pisco Sour.

I had an amazing time and enjoyed the great people and the music.


261 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10016



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