Allaire Prive presents their "The Golden Margarita"

Allaire Prive "The Golden Margarita" found at Cantina La Veinte

National Tequila Day is today and everyone knows how I enjoy a good marg, but I really enjoy seeing these decadent cocktails. Allaire Prive presents their “The Golden Margarita” found at Cantina La Veinte located in Brickell for $25.00 or an easy to make recipe for at home.

It’s gorgeous right? You CAN make your own GOLDEN marg using THIS recipe.

 2oz of Allaire Cristal Age Tequila
Fresh squeezed lime juice
Organic agave
method: pour over ice and topped off with 24K eatable gold powder that melts on top of the cocktail, giving a melted gold look floating on top of the Margarita.
Now, where can I find that gold powder? If you rather just visit Cantina La Veinte for National Tequila Day.  This is definitely an affordable GOLD marg if you desire to drink gold and tequila!
Cantina La Veinte
495 Brickell Ave
Miami, FL 33131



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