Bodyglide to the Rescue!

Bodyglide to the Rescue!

I work with a bunch of girls and we all share our beauty secrets just to pass the time. Someone last summer started talking about chafing product that sounded marvelous, but summer came and went and I haven’t thought about it again… until now.

So,  went to BookExpo for work and wanted to dress comfortable, but I had to wear black tights to take meetings afterward… The first day and second day my thighs were so irritated. UGH. AWFUL.  On day two I did find the be all end all solution to this common problem.

Bodyglide to the Rescue!

Bodyglide to the Rescue!

I found Bodyglide, an anti-chafe balm provides a smooth barrier on the legs, arms or chaffing occurs to prevent skin-on-skin and skin-on-clothing chafing. Easily apply it before putting on clothes, to any of the places your skin is vulnerable to irritation from rubbing and get moving! What I liked about it is that it is non-greasy, and comes in an easy to use stick (think deodorant) and stays where it’s applied.

My battle scars (aka the chafing marks) from BEA were able to heal a bit and weren’t irritated more because of Bodyglide. I loved it. I know I will definitely use it more this summer.

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