Austin Cocktails

Austin Cocktails

Need a quick, yet sophisticated cocktail for your next gathering? Austin Cocktails has got your back!

Austin Cocktails will be launching their Cucumber Vodka Mojito, Ruby Red Cocktail and Perfect Bergamot Orange Margarita in 355 Walmart stores across the United States. Walmart has made a conscientious effort to carry more upscale brands including offerings from Lord and Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue, and by adding additional market brands like Austin Cocktails to its roster, the appeal of consumers only continues to increase.

Austin Cocktails
Austin Cocktails

Austin Cocktails is a ready-to-serve premium craft cocktail line that is not only naturally low-calorie and made with the finest of ingredients and mixers, but it’s also a business that was built completely on family values and traditions. Co-Founders and sisters, Jill Burns and Kelly Gasink, created the line with inspiration from their grandpa Fred who always made sure the family got together at 5pm on the dot to have a drink and spend time together. Some of their best memories were made this way, and now that Austin Cocktails is in stock at Walmart, some of yours can be too!


I’m loving the Grapefruit one! It’s a keeper.



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