Are You Protecting Your Lips with Sunscreen Lip Balm?

When you choose Eco Lips you’re helping spread the good. Eco Lips is deeply connected with nature and uses beneficial organic ingredients. Eco Lips sources these natural ingredients to guarantee authenticity and ensure that the farmers receive a fair price. Their packaging is also 100% plastic free and their production facility runs on solar power, they are the perfect sustainable choice for your summer lip balm sunscreen. Every time you make a purchase at Eco Lips, you are making a conscious choice. 

The calming flavor of vanilla and coconut combined with organic, Fair Trade Certified™ coconut oil & cocoa butter is an experience you can’t resist! The added broad spectrum SPF 15 protection achieved with reef safe, zinc oxide along with olive oil to provide the ultimate lip shield from the elements. Protect your lips from harmful UV rays with this chemical-free Zinc Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen lip balm. 



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