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America’s Most-Watched New Year’s Eve TV Episodes

New Year’s Eve hasn’t come close to dominating the film industry like Christmas has, but TV shows and their New Year’s content have always come in clutch.

To find out which New Year’s Eve specials are most popular nationwide, our team at USDish put together the top 15 New Year’s Eve episodes based on viewership numbers and IMDb data. 

When it comes to what each state binge-watches as the ball drops, New Year’s Eve episodes of Friends and The Office took the cake

Here are some facts about New Year’s Eve episodes:

  • New Year’s Eve is a time for laughter and celebration, which might be why 12 out of the 15 episodes are comedies.
  • Last January, each state Googled FriendsThe Office, and The Big Bang Theory the most of any TV show.
  • 33% of the most-watched holiday TV episodes were produced in the ‘90s, while <1% were produced in 2015 or later.

See the full report here



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