5 Ways To Support Your Salon During Uncertain Times

5 Ways To Support Your Salon During Uncertain Times

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COVID-19 is having a global impact on our daily lives, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that businesses are really starting to take a hit, particularly the service industry.

This is a reality that will without a doubt have an effect on the beauty Industry with salons in many states being ordered to close temporarily to help fight the pandemic.

Therefore, if you’d like to support your favorite salon through this time of uncertainty, Phorest a cloud-based salon software for salons has put some ideas together on how you can help.

Buy a Giftcard

Support your local salon and stylist by buying a gift card online/over the phone for future use. By doing this, salons get the cash immediately which will help their cash flow & you can redeem the gift card as soon as the salon re-opens.

Give credit where due 

Let’s face it; we all appreciate a compliment now and then, especially when it can lead to business growth. Online reviews are key to a successful salon, and for those looking for a new salon, reading the online reviews on Google and Facebook will be the first thing they do. So, if you’ve had an excellent service not so long ago, or if you’ve been to your salon for years and never posted a positive review online — do that now! This can make all the difference for when business picks back up.

Share that transformation!

Did your nail technician give you the prettiest manicure you’ve ever had or did your hairdresser give you the best cut? Make sure to take a photo and upload it to your social media accounts, showing them some love. Don’t forget to tag them! #SupportYourSalon

Continue your engagement 

Make sure to continue to like, comment and share your salon’s social media posts. Social media engagements go a long way, especially in a time where a little extra support is needed.

Book that appointment!

Make sure to pre-book your next appointment and get your salon’s diaries looking nice and full when they re-open — giving them something to look forward to. Better yet, most salons have their own salon apps, so you can conveniently do this while watching your favorite TV show.

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