21 Drops Essential Oil Blends

21 Drops Essential Oil Blends

What if I told you a scent can deeply impact your emotions or your health. Would you believe me? Certain smells affect not just our emotions, but our physiological well-being.

21 Drops is a company that specializes Psychoneuroimmunology, the study of the interaction between the neuroimmune system and our mental processes. Each of their 21 scents represents a feeling and emotion. When you need to UPLIFT — pick out their No. 12 scent and rub it to throat, wrists, and back of the neck when symptoms first appear.

I tried the following fragrances:

  • Immunity No 14 –Eucalyptus helps defend against contaminants. Lavender helps purify the body. Ravintsara helps fight “what’s going around” Ho Wood provides fortification and support.
  • Uplift No. 12 – German Chamomile aids emotional healing. Helichrysum buoys the spirit Lavender nurtures, balances emotions. Rose soothes the heart, eases despair
  • Will Power No. 19 – Cedarwood helps increase strength, endurance. Geranium fosters a sense of stability. Ginger lights the fire, encourages resolve.

I tried Will Power right before dinner time to keep me away from snacking.  I think it helped!

I like the rubber grips on each bottle and the fragrance is applied via rollerball. They have scents geared towards  Headaches and PMS — which could be a lifesaver! Each scent is priced at $33.00.



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