Monster Energy Ultra Line

Monster Energy Ultra Line

T’is the season of motivation; a time when we are still flirting with our healthy resolutions as we head towards longer days and warmer weather.

I’m currently loving Monster Energy Ultra line featuring the full flavor and benefits of Monster Energy but without sugar.

Ultra is the direct result of a collaboration with its diverse and dynamic consumer audience. Many of our male and female fans and athletes are becoming increasingly carb-conscious and want to boost their energy but without sugar. They created the Ultra line to restore energy while offering refreshing flavors unlike any other.

Monster Energy Ultra is made for the power players, the grinders, the weekend warriors, and anyone looking for that extra edge in their day without the added calories. At just 10 calories and 150 mg of caffeine per can, Monster Ultra is a tasty pick-me-up to help your productivity and encourage you to push past everyday barriers. At half the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee, Monster Ultra is a better-on-the-go, better-for-you option.

Consumers have safely consumed over 22 billion cans of Monster over the past 18 years. Monster contains many healthy ingredients that assist with energy production such as Taurine, a cardioprotective amino acid that helps regulate your heartbeat and L-Carnitine an amino acid necessary for energy production. Monster also contains B-Vitamins similar to those found in your everyday multivitamin.



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