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Winter Must Reads 2018

Don’t know what to read this winter? There’s nothing quite like warming up to a good book by the fireplace. Here are my picks for this winter.

The Wicked Healthy Cookbook 

Chefs Chad and Derek Sarno are among the world’s foremost authorities on plant-based cooking and, with prolific author & collaborator, David Joachim, are now sharing their secrets to making killer meals in THE WICKED HEALTHY COOKBOOK: Free. From. Animals., with a foreword by Woody Harrelson.

THE WICKED HEALTHY COOKBOOK celebrates the central role beautiful, craveable food plays in our health and vitality. More than 125 plant-based recipes for everyday cooking and fancy dinner parties alike will make the most die-hard meat-eaters happy. Chad, Derek, and David are plant-pushers, not meat-shamers! They show us how to kick back and indulge now and then, too, all while keeping it plant-based. That’s part of the plan: Shoot for 80% healthy and 20% wicked, and you’ll be 100% sexy—it’s the Wicked Healthy way.

Everybody knows they should eat more plants, but most think that plants can’t be delicious or that they don’t have the kitchen smarts to make these foods taste their best. Having spent decades practicing and perfecting their craft, Chad, Derek, and David are here to share their “plant-based 2.0” approach, including drool-inducing, no-holds-barred recipes.

Cocktails, sauces & basics are also covered. Featured throughout are informative sidebars and innovative cooking techniques such as pressing and searing mushrooms until they reach a rich and delicious meat-like consistency. The authors also include must-have tips on everything from cooking oil-free and eating healthy on the run to organizing an efficient kitchen and balancing flavors and textures. Specific diets from gluten-free and no-added-sugar to soy-, oil-, and nut-free are also accommodated.


Made for Walking: A Modest History of the Fashion Boot  

Social meets fashion history in the tantalizing story of the boot from the Roaring Twenties and Prohibition to online shopping and fashion blogs. Weaving together such unlikely elements as Glam Rock, the martyrdom of Joan of Arc, and the Iran-Contra scandal, it shows how the modern fashion boot plays with our ideas of gender, straddling the line between practical and stylish, between fashion and fetish. Peake, the author of the popular Made for Walking blog, includes thought-provoking photos and graphs that look deeply into what boots do, and what we make them do. In the words of renowned designer Beth Levine, “Boots moved into prominence the same time The Pill did. Both were symbols of a woman’s new freedom and emancipation.” Whether you’re a student of fashion history, a collector of vintage clothes, or someone who feels “five hundred times more dashing” wearing boots, this book is for you.




 The Mixology of Astrology

Stir up the fun vibes with The Mixology of Astrology by Allure Magazine’s astrologer Aliza Kelly Faragher. You’ve probably checked out your horoscope to learn more about your love life, career prospects, and financial outlook. Are you an ambitious Aries facing down Mercury in retrograde? An optimistic Gemini celebrating a fresh start with the New Moon? There’s a drink for that.

Each astrological sign has unique drink favorites based on their personality traits, ranging from the aesthetic appeal to the flavors, and even the origins of the drink itself. By tapping  into the tastes and traits of your zodiac sign, you can reveal the perfect cocktail for you.

In The Mixology of Astrology readers will learn about the history of the zodiac, the ins and outs of mixing a drink, and each sign’s personality quirks. Astrology and mixology are a perfectly suited pair: Just as each sun sign reveals personal tastes and traits, cocktails offer unique flavor profiles that appeal to different preferences.

Ready to test your cosmic knowledge? Invite friends over for drinks at your place. You’ll love matching delicious cocktails with your friends’ unique astrological preferences. While it’s always fun to order drinks at a bar or restaurant, there’s nothing like mixing up your own medicine.


Drink London

Bar hop your way around the city across the pond. London is famous the world over for its licensed establishment it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the huge choice. But worry not, help is at hand!

From rooftop cocktail lounges to low-beamed old inns, and underground speakeasies to the coolest craft beer bars, DRINK LONDON is an authoritative yet lively guide to the capital’s thriving drinking scene.

With stylish photography and elegant design (including a handy checklist) matched by a wealth of insider knowledge and practical information, the guide features a varied list of unique bars and pubs and illustrates why each one deserves to be on all discerning drinkers’ must-visit lists. Whether you’re a Londoner or first time visitor to the capital, this original companion will be happy to provide the answer to the all-important question, ‘Where shall we go for a drink tonight?



The REAL SIMPLE Method to Organizing Every Room

 The REAL SIMPLE Method to Organizing Every Room by the Editors of REAL SIMPLE, a practical and inspiring handbook with clear checklists, practical tips, and gorgeous photographs to help you declutter one room at a time.

Divided by room, each chapter shares the items you need (and the ones you don’t) for setting up a well-organized home as well as tips, strategies, and storage solutions from the best organizers in the business, including Ashley Murphy, Molly Graves, Andrew Mellen, Alexandra Wilson and more.

What makes The REAL SIMPLE Method different? It’s all about creating small, simple habits that make a big impact on everyday life. It’s an organizing plan with your well-being and self-care in mind. The REAL SIMPLE Method will help you think of your home in new ways, so that a bedroom chair isn’t just a dumping ground for morning outfit rejects—it’s a comfy place to sip coffee in the morning or settle in at the end of the day with a good book.




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