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Vital Protein Pineapple Mocktail

So if you are paying attention to ANYTHING, I’m on a health kick. I added muscle, lost weight… to the 9’s. I’ve been drinking protein drinks to really replenish myself after a hard workout.  I decided to trade current protein to Vital Protein. At first, I mixed it with almond milk… which was a bad idea. I am already a picky milk drinker so… yeah no.

But out of the goodness of my heart… I decided it I should give it another shot. I found that it is better in recipes than anything else.


What drew me to the product is that they are natural, gluten-free, rBGH-free, Kosher, Paleo, Non-GMO, and Whole30 Approved. Packed with protein, makes them the perfect addition to a morning smoothie, fresh juice, coffee, or even a hearty bowl of oatmeal. Improves vitality of hair, skin and nails and strengthens joints, ligaments and tendons.  It’s definitely not for my vegan friends at all. Anyway, I needed a smoothy and I like’em fancy.


Vital Protein Pineapple Mocktail

7-10 Cubes of Pineapple

1 Cup of Almond Milk

1 Packet of Vital Protein

I mixed this bad boy up in my Magic Bullet, poured into a marg glass and garnish with a cucumber!


The mixture definitely had a texture and taste of the protein, but once mixed with some good ole fashion fruit, it’s detectable.

Get yours for $49 HERE



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