Sweet Ginger

SO file this under the most intriguing spirit. Boardroom Vodka created a ginger vodka. My mind is blown.

Boardroom Spirits’ FRESH Ginger Vodka is a gluten free vodka created using 100% real ginger root and bottled at 50% ABV and 100 proof (AKA strong so you won’t need many!) to create the new standard for the Moscow mule. All the flavors are derived naturally from the ginger and there are no other ingredients in the product at all, translating to 0 sugars and 0 carbs. There aren’t many ginger vodkas on the market as it’s a difficult flavor to capture using synthetic ingredients.

This is a keeper!

Sweet Ginger

2 oz Boardroom Ginger Vodka

1.5 oz honey syrup (I made this by adding honey to simple syrup)

First you will have to make the honey syrup, which is one-half water and the other half honey over the stove. Put all ingredients in a shaker and pour in a coupe.

This is truly an amazing drink.  Cheers! xo



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