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Review: The Glenlivet 14 Year Old Drop Shop Happy Hour – September 6th

Rain or shine, whisky brings people together!

I was fortunate to attend The Glenlivet 14 Year Old Drop Shop Happy Hour on September for the launch event for The Glenlivet 14-year-old expression. On display at the event were clothing from The Glenlivet’s NYFW partnership with designer Prabal Grung. It was truly a purple affair!

Each station included different boozy treats from The Glenlivet. Cocktails served with the next expression were The Purple Rain, a beautifully layered scotch drink with wine that is a riff on Scotch Sour, a “New” Fashioned, complete with a branded ice cube with ice. Guests were able to try the new spirit neat or on the rocks.

Another area included ice cream and root beer floats made the Glenlivet. As I ate the ice cream, I noticed that suddenly it was purple. It was a beautiful sight.

The main draw was The Drop Shop truck. Inside, the guests could find some fun The Glenviet swag from Prabal Grung and pick the designs to print. While waiting for their shirts, partygoers could try an array of fruity candies.

The night was truly magical despite all the early September rain, which actually made it fun especially when it got later in the night when it dried up, partying on the streets of Soho.



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