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REVIEW: Russian Saminov

Tucked away in Time Square, the most commerical place in the world, is a taste of russian food that keeps alive the old world charm.

Russian Saminov is just that. It celebrates the Russian traditions with its decor of teapots and had live entertainment every night. I was intrigued with the menu, especially since it very similar to Polish cuisine that I grew up with.

I met my guest for a bit to catch up. I ordered potatoe piergies with onions like my grandma would make as he ordered blintz with the lox and egg. They were very good- as I enjoyed the smoked lox with hard boiled eggs. I enjoyed my piregoies because I only have them around Christmas time with my family.

For my main course, I had the short rib wth potatoes and guest had duck. I enjoyed both immensely.

I finished the night off with some Russian tea with cherries and a naporian cake to die for! It was my first time having Russian tea so my friend instructed me how to have the cherry with my tea, which was definitely an experience that I will not forget.

Another important Russian beverage that we has that night was vodka. Russian Saminov has a various array of infused vodkas. Some of my favorites include dill, mango and cucumber. I would have never thought that vodka can taste so savory or sweet.

Russian Saminov is the perfect place to escape from the big city life. The comfort of Russian food will simply blow you away.



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