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Pick Your Port Adventure – October 16

Picture yourself sipping Port in the same East Village Loft where Madonna, Debra Harry, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Grace Jones and many other cultural luminaries found their inspiration. This was my exciting yet rainy Thursday night in an artist studio in NYC.As soon as I entered, I was poured a glass of port toon the living room area. The room was inviting with a black and white movie on a projector. Stacked on the coffee table were boxes of Roberta’s pizza paired up with Croft Pink. 

The next station had hot dogs paired with more port!

My guest and I moved to was fall themed candy area. Some of the best fall candies like Reese’s, Kit-Kat’s and more filled burlap sacks surrounded by fall flowers. The candies were paired with a sweet Croft Tawny Port, which was delish!Next up was a beautiful Bin 27 port paired with a Pasteis de Nata. 

After we went to the kitchen with cheese and fruit. My personal favorite was the bedroom with Blackseed bagels across the bed with sandwiches and… well port!

This was a delicious experience and reminded me how I love port and how it pairs nicely with many types of food.



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